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Mac Keith Press exists to improve the lives of disabled children by extending the knowledge and understanding of developmental medicine and paediatric neurology.

Extremely Preterm Birth and its Consequences

New book

Extremely Preterm Birth and its Consequences

Edited by Dammann, Leviton, O’Shea and Paneth

This presentation and exploration of the results from the ELGAN study will help clinicians to prevent adverse health outcomes and promote positive health for infants born preterm.

Improving Quality of Life for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy through Treatment of Gait Impairment

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Improving Quality of Life for Individuals with Cerebral Palsy through Treatment of Gait Impairment

Edited by Tom F Novacheck and Michael H Schwartz

This publication establishes a framework to guide research efforts for the future and ensure meaningful progress.

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New Child Neurology in Infancy Courses

Edited by Colin Kennedy

Mac Keith Press and the European Paediatric Neurology Society present two interactive online learning courses that support paediatric health professionals develop best clinical practice for all neurological problems in infancy.

COVID-19 Notice

We are all facing challenges presented by COVID-19, but none more so than our health professional colleagues who are continuing to work diligently in the world’s health services. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the virus, directly and indirectly.

Fragile X Syndrome and Premutation Disorders

Just Published!

Fragile X Syndrome and Premutation Disorders

Edited by Randi J Hagerman and Paul J Hagerman

Offers clinicians and families a multidisciplinary approach in order to provide the best possible care for patients with Fragile X.

Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology

**Due to COVID-19, delivery of the print edition of DMCN may be distrupted in some locations. Once the situation is resolved, copies will be sent to all those affected. There is no change to the access to the online version.**

Journal metrics

We are delighted to announce our Impact Factor has risen again this year:

2-Year Impact Factor: 4.406
5-Year Impact Factor: 4.311

Submission to first decision: 23 days
Acceptance to online publication: 52 days
Acceptance rate: 19%

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Editor's Choice for February: Prevention and management of respiratory disease in young people with cerebral palsy: consensus statement by Gibson et al.

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Featured Podcast: Shelly Chadha discusses her paper Methodological quality of clinical guidelines for universal newborn hearing screening.

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Letters to the Editor: The latest Letter to the Editor comes from the IAACD COVID-19 Task Force: Global COVID-19 Childhood Disability Data Coordination: a collaborative initiative of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability.

Open Access: Compliant with most Open Access funding requirements, all articles in DMCN become free to read 12 months after publication. January 2020 is the latest issue to become freely available.

Virtual Issues: In the latest Virtual Issue, we explore the theme: Developmental changes in paediatric neurodisability: from concepts to diagnostics and therapy, with an introduction by Mijna Hadders-Algra.

60 years of DMCN: DMCN turned 60 in 2018! To celebrate, we picked one key paper per year from inauguration and made it free to read. Have a look at the papers we selected.


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The BACD Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 will take place virtually on 11 March 2021.


EACD Europe 2021 will take place virtually 27 May–10 June 2021.


The next AACPDM Annual Congress is October 6-9, 2021 in Quebec, QC, Canada.


The EPNS Congress will be taking place in Glasgow 28 April–2 May 2022.

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New Child Neurology in Infancy Courses

New Child Neurology in Infancy Course

Colin Kennedy and Coriene Catsman-Berrevoets discuss our new courses on Child Neurology in Infancy