5 Free Resources on Cerebral Palsy

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Our publications are of interest to researchers, health professionals, clinicians, and all involved in the care of children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions.

We’ve selected 5 free resources including journal articles, ebooks, podcasts and videos specifically about cerebral palsy.


1. Landmark Paper – The Definition and Classification of Cerebral Palsy

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First off is the landmark report by Rosenbaum et al. on the definition and classification of cerebral palsy. The report provides a common conceptualization of cerebral palsy for use by a broad international audience.

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2. Free Cerebral Palsy Video Podcasts

Second is a selection of podcasts featuring interviews and discussions with authors of our publications on the subject of cerebral palsy.

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3. Free eBook Chapter – Overview of Cerebral Palsy: Definition, Classification and Impact

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We have published over 90 books, ebooks and chapters on the subject of cerebral palsy. Our latest title is the practical guide Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management edited by Laurie Glader and Richard D. Stevenson.

About the Complete Book

Children with complex cerebral palsy (typically, but not always, GMFCS levels IV and V) require skilled management and extensive expertise which can be overwhelming or intimidating for many clinical practitioners. Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy: Care and Management explores management of the many medical comorbidities these children encounter, including orthopedic concerns, mobility and equipment needs, cognition and sensory impairment, difficult behaviors, seizures, respiratory complications and nutritional challenges, among many others. In addition, adaptable care tools will be provided both in the text and as a resource to download from this page, to guide clinicians in evaluation, preventive care and crisis management.

Importantly, the book includes contributions from parents of children with cerebral palsy and youth with cerebral palsy, providing unique and critical wisdom for family-centred care.  Parents and families of children and youth with complex cerebral palsy will particularly appreciate the inclusion of chapters on adolescence, transition to adulthood, and growing up, growing well with cerebral palsy.

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4. Free eBook Chapter – Historical Perspective

Cerebral Palsy: Science and Clinical Practice, Dan cover


Chapter 1 – Historical Perspective by John Mantovani and David Scrutton 

Readers seeking a better understanding of where we are now may derive some benefit from the story of how we arrived here. Therefore this chapter provides an overview of the historical development of the concept of cerebral palsy and more detailed descriptions of some key individuals who led the changing interpretations and classifications of the condition. We have also included discussions on the definitions and various causal hypotheses that have been used along the way and a separate treatment of the often conflicting views of how various therapeutic interventions might contribute to making these children’s lives more fulfilling.

About the Complete Book

Cerebral Palsy: Science and Clinical Practice is a landmark title that considers all aspects of cerebral palsy from the causes to clinical problems and their implications for individuals.

An international team of experts provides clinicians and researchers with key information on the mechanisms underlying impairments in movement, development, cognition, communication, vision, feeding, behaviour, sexuality, and musculoskeletal deformities.

They present a wide range of person-centred assessment approaches, including clinical evaluation, measurement scales, neuroimaging and gait analysis. The principles of multi-disciplinary management are presented, in terms of therapist intervention, medication and surgery. The perspective of the book spans the lifelong course of cerebral palsy, taking into account worldwide differences in socio-economic and cultural factors.

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5. Cerebral Palsy Virtual Issues

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Virtual Issues are quarterly collections of previously-published articles on specific topics. Click the links below to read our free Virtual Issues on cerebral palsy selected from articles published in our journal Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology:

Orthopaedic Management of Cerebral Palsy

Pain in Cerebral Palsy

Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy

Interventions in Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Grows Up

Orthopaedic Interventions in Cerebral Palsy

Evaluating Interventions in Cerebral Palsy


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