5 Free Resources on Paediatric Epilepsy

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We’ve selected 5 free resources including journal articles, ebooks and video podcasts specifically about paediatric epilepsy.

1. Research Paper – Longitudinal trajectories of depression symptoms in children with epilepsy

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What this paper adds

  • In children with epilepsy, self‐ and proxy‐reported symptoms of depression were generally low and stable over 28 months.
  • The trajectory of symptoms of depression was not associated with seizure severity, whether considering the frequency or type of seizures.
  • Parents’ reports of symptoms of depression were comparable to the children’s self‐evaluations.

Click here to read the paper. Click here to read more Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology (DMCN) articles on epilepsy.


2. Free Epilepsy Video Podcasts

Click here to watch a selection of free video podcasts featuring interviews and discussions with authors of our publications on the subject of epilepsy.


3. Free eBook Chapter from Cognition and Behaviour in Childhood Epilepsy

Mac Keith Press book Cognition and Behaviour in Childhood Epilepsy, Lieven Lagae
We have published over 40 books, ebooks and chapters on the subject of epilepsy. Our latest title is Cognition and Behaviour in Childhood Epilepsy edited by Lieven Lagae.

About the Complete Book

For many parents, cognitive and behavioral comorbidities, such as ADHD, autism and intellectual disability, are the real burden of childhood epilepsy. This title offers concrete guidance and treatment strategies for childhood epilepsy in general, and for the comorbidities associated with each epilepsy syndrome and their pathophysiology. The book is written by experts in the field with an important clinical experience, while chapters by clinical neuropsychologists provide a strong theoretical background

Click here to download a free ebook chapter!


4. Free eBook Chapter – The Epilepsy-Aphasia Spectrum: From Landau-Kleffner Syndrome to Rolandic Epilepsy


Mac Keith Press book Deonna: Epilepsy Aphasia Spectrum
About the Complete Book

Landau Kleffner syndrome (LKS) is a rare childhood epilepsy, characterised by a sudden or gradual loss of ability to understand or express language.  Written by two  world-renowned  authorities on childhood epilepsy, this book is aimed at the large range of professionals involved in the diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of children on the EAS. The book includes vivid first-hand accounts of the impact of language loss by adults who have grown up with LKS.

Click here to download the free ebook!


5. DMCN Virtual Issues

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Virtual Issues are quarterly collections of previously-published articles on specific topics. Click the links below to read our two free Virtual Issues on epilespy selected from articles published in our journal Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology:

Epilepsy 2018 Update



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