DMCN Podcasts

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Editor’s Podcasts

Our Editor’s Podcasts present a conversation between one of DMCN’s editors and an invited guest on a theme drawn from a recent editorial. These podcasts seek to facilitate conversations between different disciplines and specialisms. Find them all here.

Peter Rosenbaum discusses…

‘You have textbooks; we have story books’. Disability as perceived by professionals and parents with Elizabeth Chambers

Complementary and alternative therapies: what are our responsibilities?

Bernard Dan discusses…

What does race mean in neurodisability studies? with Jaime Slaughter-Acey

Human enhancement: from disability to superability with Nick Agar

The importance of olfaction in neurodisability with Richard Doty

Very early diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder with Tony Charman


Author’s Podcasts

Our Author’s Podcasts invite DMCN authors to offer a brief introduction to a recently published paper. The authors outline the paper’s methods, findings, and implications. Find them all here.

Georgina Clutterbuck discusses her paper High-level motor skills assessment for ambulant children with cerebral palsy: a systematic review and decision tree

Alessandro Capuano discusses his paper Prestatus and status dystonicus in children and adolescents

Eliza Pelrine discusses her paper Knee pain and crouch gait in individuals with cerebral palsy: what impact does crouch-related surgery have?

Schirin Akhbari Ziegler discusses her paper Coaching approaches in early intervention and paediatric rehabilitation

Spanish and Portuguese Podcasts

In association with the Academia Latinoamericana de Desarrollo Infantil y Discapacidades (ALDID), we offer Spanish and Portuguese translations of select DMCN abstracts and Virtual Issues. Find them all here.

The human rights of children with disabilities during health emergencies: the challenge of COVID‐19: Spanish with Portuguese subtitles.

Developmental milestones of the Latin American Academy of Child Development and Disabilities: Portuguese and Spanish.

ICF Core Sets for Cerebral Palsy, Autism, & ADHD: Spanish with Portuguese subtitles.

Cerebral Palsy Grows Up: Portuguese and Spanish.

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