Development of Mature Walking, Sutherland, cover

Development of Mature Walking

Product Type: Print Edition (Complete Book)

ISBN: 9780521412216

David Sutherland (Author), Richard Olsen (Author), Edmund Biden (Author), Marilynn Wyatt (Author)

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edition: 1st

Publication date: January 1988

Page count: 238

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This important monograph summarizes a comprehensive study on the maturation of walking in normal children. Data are presented on anthropometric measurements; tests of developmental progress; time/distance parameters such as stride length and walking velocity; twelve joint angles on each side measured throughout the gait cycle; dynamic electromyography of phasic activity in seven lower-extremity muscle groups; and force measurements including vertical force, fore/aft shear, medial/lateral shear and torque. At each age, composite joint-angle graphs and time/distance parameters are brought together with film tracings of a representative child in that age group. In addition, advanced methods of statistical analysis have been applied to the joint-angle data to define prediction regions within which ninety-five percent of normal children should lie throughout the gait cycle. Finally, a ‘decision tree’ is presented from which a fitted age can be inferred for a subject based on non-age-specific data gathered in a motion analysis lab. Practical applications are demonstrated in a chapter devoted to two case studies.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine N0.104-105

David Sutherland (Author)
Richard Olsen (Author)
Edmund Biden (Author)
Marilynn Wyatt (Author)