Developmental Screening and the Child with Special Needs, Drillien, cover

Developmental Screening and the Child with Special Needs

Product Type: Print Edition (Complete Book)

ISBN: 9780433078104

Cecil Drillien (Editor), Margaret Drummond (Editor)

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edition: 1st

Publication date: January 1984

Page count: 294

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This book is the outcome of many years’ study on the large population of preschool children in Dundee, Scotland, where, since 1973, there has been an extensive and comprehensive program of development screening. The research population numbered more than 5,000 children, and the aims of the study were to estimate the frequency and types of neurodevelopmental disabilities identified, to describe their management, to attempt to ascertain causative factors, and to look at the predictive value of screening and its therapeutic value. This book is essential reading for all concerned with the planning or implementation of screening and surveillance programs for preschool children, and should finally answer the question of whether or not screening is worth while.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine N0.86

Cecil Drillien (Editor)
Margaret Drummond (Editor)