Scrutton Damiano Mayston Management of the Motor Disorders of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Management of the Motor Disorders of Children with Cerebral Palsy

Product Type: Print Edition (Complete Book)

ISBN: 9781898683322

David Scrutton (Editor), Diane Damiano (Editor), Margaret Mayston (Editor)

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edition: 2nd

Publication date: January 2004

Page count: 216

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Since the first edition of this book was published in 1984 the intensive debates about the ‘correct’ method of treatment for children with cerebral palsy have been resolved and it is now possible to describe what is generally agreed to be the optimal approach. This entirely rewritten new edition describes the most up-to-date thinking, with two new editors from America and Australia reflecting the worldwide picture. Coverage includes the coordination of care and the management team; the types of cerebral palsy; assessment; goal-setting; learning and neural plasticity; global therapeutic approaches as well as more focused (topical) therapies; the mechanisms of deformity, its prevention and treatment; and the transition to adult life. This book details the advancement of the subject from 1984 to 2002.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 161

David Scrutton (Editor)

Institute of Child Health, University College London, England.

Diane Damiano (Editor)

Washington University, St Louis, MO, USA.

Margaret Mayston (Editor)

Department of Physiology, University Collge London, England.

  • Foreword Martin Bax and David Scrutton
  • 1. The family's needs: coordination of care and the management team Peter Rosenbaum
  • 2. The types of cerebral palsy
  • 3. Multidisciplinary Roslyn Boyd
  • 4. Goal setting and outcome measures Eva Bower
  • 5. Global therapeutic approaches and the evolving role of physical therapy Margaret Mayston
  • 6. Learning and neural plasticity Mary Galea
  • 7. Focussed therapeutic approaches Diane Damiano
  • 8. Mechanisms of deformity H. K. Graham
  • 9. Prevention of deformity Aidan Cosgrove
  • 10. Treatment and management of hypertonia Jean-Pierre Lin
  • 11. Transition to adulthood Sue Edwards
  • 12. Prospects for the future Murray Goldstein
  • Index

'… this will be an essential book for all those who are managing the health and development of these children.' New Medical World Weekly

'Therapists, trainee and established neurodevelopmental paediatricians and paediatric neurologists will all find this text an extremely useful and thorough grounding in this subject. … very useful when talking to parents and older children about their difficulties and any proposed management plan.' European Journal of Paediatric Neurology