Mac Keith Press

Mac Keith Press was founded by Ronnie Mac Keith in 1959 to improve the lives of disabled children, their families and carers by extending the knowledge and understanding of the fields of developmental medicine and paediatric neurology. We are an independent, registered charity and funded by the sale of our publications.

Our charitable objectives are the following:

  • The advancement of the education of the public by the encouragement and promotion of research and the publication and dissemination of the useful results of research in the fields of child development and paediatric neurology; and
  • The relief of disabled people in particular by the provision of information and other assistance to such persons and those who care for them, the promotion of public understanding of disability and the publication and dissemination of information in the fields of child development and paediatric neurology.

This is achieved through the publication of books and a journal that cover paediatric neurology, neurodisability and developmental medicine. We also sponsor lectures and awards to advance research and education in the field, in particular in collaboration with our society partners.

Mac Keith Press publishes the leading paediatric journal Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology and a programme of books which includes the world-renowned Clinics in Developmental Medicine series, an expanding list of Practical Guides, and the International Review of Child Neurology series on behalf of the International Child Neurology Association.



The Press is a charitable company limited by guarantee and was incorporated on 17 April 1998.

Company number: 03547818

Charity number: 1086014

VAT number: 294 2203 12