International Child Neurology Association (ICNA)

In the early 1970’s Child Neurology was a small but growing speciality. At that time a small group of child neurologists from a number of countries came together and formed the International Child Neurology Association (ICNA) in 1973. In 1975 the First International Child Neurology Congress was held in Toronto giving child neurologists from around the world the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

ICNA is now a respected international group of child neurologists who wish to advance the care of children with neurological problems throughout the world. It primarily focuses its activities in developing countries, aiming to improve diagnoses, advance treatment alternatives, and support general care of the patients, as well as develop education and training.

You can find out more about ICNA by reading JICNA, the Journal of the International Child Neurology Association.

International Review of Child Neurology (IRCN) Series

Together with Mac Keith Press, ICNA publishes the reputed International Review of Child Neurology (IRCN) Series.

The idea of the IRCN Series was conceived in 1982 by the ICNA Executive and spurred on by John Stobo Prichard from Toronto. The task of editing the series was given to Prichard, and the first book in the series, Children with Brain Dysfunction by Isabelle Rapin, was launched at the Third Congress hosted by Copenhagen in 1982.

Member Discounts

ICNA members get a 20% discount on all Mac Keith Press publications – contact for more information.