Subject: Child Neurology

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Publication date: 01/01/1995

ISBN: 9781898683063

Pages: 211

Behavioural Phenotypes

Gregory O'Brien, William Yule (Editors)

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Increasing interest over recent years in the study of the influences of environment and genetic factors on behavioural disorder has come from a wide range of disciplines. These studies have subsequently been focused through the foundation of the Society for the Study of Behavioural Phenotypes, which forms the basis for assimilating new information and coordinating future research in this field. This volume from founder members of the society presents a distillation of thinking and reviews appropriate measurement schedules. Including research findings, explanation of concepts, genetic scientific techniques and methodological issues, this work will be welcomed by those with an interest in behavioural disorder at every level.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine N0.138

Gregory O'Brien
Gregory O'Brien

Dr O’Brien was Professor of Developmental Psychiatry at the University of Northumbria and Northgate Hospital, Morpeth.  He passed away in 2014.

William Yule

Overall, this book would be extremely useful on the book-shelf of any clinician involved in the care and assessment of those with learning/ development disabilities. A particularly useful feature is the description of clinical syndromes.'

Anita Tilapar, Psych Medicine, 1998

'This is the first textbook designed specifically to address this topic. I feel it will be of value to professionals from both mental health and paediatric backgrounds who are working in the field of learning disability.'

Alison Wood, Mar 1997

'This is an important work which is a valuable step in promoting the concept of the behavioural phenotypes to a wider audience. I would strongly recommend it to clinicians working in the field of learning disability and those with an interest in the genetic basis of behaviour.'

Michael Kerr, British Journal of Psychiatry, Sep 1996

Behavioural Phenotypes comprises discussion of the methodological issues in cases of this nature, a brief but competent review of the 'new genetics', together with accounts of a variety of syndromes with alleged behavioural phenotypes.'

David Skuse, Molecular Medicine Today, Aug 1996

'This is a highly specialised book which is obviously intended for those whose work brings them into contact with people with developmental disabilities. The book is interesting (indeed sometimes fascinating!) to read.'

Margaret M Sparshott, Journal of Neonatal Nursing, July 1996

'Behavioural Phenotypes provides a useful review of and orientation to this expanding field. There is good critical discussion of methodological issues in the definition and recognition of behavioural phenotypes, together with accounts of a variety of syndromes with behavioural phenotypes.'

David H Skuse, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, 1996

'This multi author book provides a useful overview of behavioural phenotype research. It provides a good introduction for anyone contemplating research in this rapidly developing area.'

Jane Bernal, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 1996