Subject: Fetal, Preterm and Neonatal

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Publication date: 01/09/1994

ISBN: 9781898683001

Edition: 1st

Pages: 224

Brain Damage in the Preterm Infant

Nigel Paneth, Raoul Rudelli (Authors)

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This Clinic in Developmental Medicine describes a meticulous survey of germinal matrix/intraventricular haemorrhage in preterm infants. The babies weighed 501-2000g at their birth in three New Jersey counties between 1984 and 1987. They were studied prospectively with cranial ultrasound; the findings were correlated with very detailed pathological examination of the brains of those who died, and with later outcome in the survivors. The numbers studied in this population-based sample were large enough both to test and to generate hypotheses about the causes and consequences of haemorrhage.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 131

Nigel Paneth
Nigel Paneth

Nigel Paneth is Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Pediatrics in the  College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University, Michigan, USA.

He is also co-editor of the book Cerebral Palsy: Science and Clinical Practice.

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'Undoubtedly this is a valuable book enabling budding neonatologists, experienced clinicians, and a range of allied professionals, to improve their understanding of brain injury in preterm infants.'

Archives of Disease in Childhood

'The real value of this book is in its detailed analysis of the correlation between ultrasound findings and the same brains when examined by the neuropathologists. This book will be of great interest to clinicians and perinatal pathologists at the sharp end of research into perinatal neuropathology. It is an important source of new original material.'

Malcolm Levene, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

'A superb reference for discussion of the history of concepts of brain injury in premature children. It is a very good text and has several outstanding merits which will ensure that it will be a well used addition to our library. I will use this book as a teaching aid for our trainees.'

Neil Marlow, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology

'This is an excellent and much needed comprehensive description of patterns of damage in the preterm brain. It is written by experts from several disciplines in such a way that can be appreciated by a wide audience, ranging from those who care for children born prematurely to those devoted to the scientific study of brain development and its aberrations. There are magnificent illustrations comparing ultrasound images with whole brain sections and in some cases colour Doppler studies.'

M V Squier, Neurology

'This book provides a review of neonatal brain damage in neonatal intensive care units in which very low birth weight infants are treated today, and it is of value for not only neonatologists but every specialist who is responsible for the treatment of developmental disorders.'

Kazuyoshi Watanabe, Brain & Development