Subject: Child Neurology

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Publication date: 01/06/2013

ISBN: 9781908316752

Edition: 2nd

Pages: 336

Childhood Headache, 2nd Edition

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh (Editor)

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Headache as a common problem which has a significant impact on children’s quality of life. This book provides practising clinicians with a comprehensive source of advice and knowledge on the diagnosis and management of childhood headache disorders. It addresses the needs of clinicians looking after children with headache, whether it was in a primary care setting, a hospital general paediatric clinic or in a specialist paediatric neurology service.

Assessment of the child with chronic headache takes a central position, with two chapters to help early diagnosis of the child with a serious neurological disorder. The scientific basis of headache and migraine is clearly presented and simplified in the chapter of pathophysiology. Many clinical cases are presented to illustrate the complexity, the importance or the rarity of certain headache disorders and bring to life the relevant models of assessment and management. The book also highlights the results of recent research and provides critical analysis of commonly accepted classification of headache disorders and also provides pointers of future research needs.

  • Written by world experts who are leaders in the field of headache in children, giving a global perspective
  • Authors brings their clinical experience to life with real case vignettes
  • The only book of its kind to maintain an excellent balance of clinical focus and research
  • Explores the current evidence base into the causes and treatments of childhood headache
  • The clinical recommendations are applicable anywhere in the world
  • The book is easy to read and fully referenced


A comprehensive source of knowledge and guidance to practising clinicians looking after children with headache which includes many clinical examples to illustrate the difficulties in diagnosis or options for treatment. It is also a resource for researchers who are looking for a full analysis of the published studies.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine Series

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh
Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

Consultant in Paediatrics and Paediatric Neurology. Qualified in Medicine from the University of Jordan and had postgraduate training in paediatrics and paediatric neurology in Cardiff and Aberdeen (UK). Following a research fellowship in headache (1991-93), he maintained clinical and research interest in headache. He established the headache service at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow in 1996, which became a base for childhood headache clinical service, research and education.

Chairman of the paediatric subcommittee of the British Paediatric Association for the Study of Headache (2006-2010). Vice chairperson (2012-2013) and the chairperson (from 2013) of the Child and Adolescent Standing Group of the International Headache Society.

Authors’ appointments ix

Dedication xii

Foreword xiii

Preface xv

Acknowledgements xvi

1. Introduction 1

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

2. History of Headache in Childhood: From Headache

Tablets to Headache tablets 4

Andrew N Williams

3. Pathophysiology of Migraine and Other Headaches 15

Peter J Goadsby

4. Heredity and Genetics of Headache and Migraine 31

Michael Bjørn Russell

5. Classification of Headache 40

Shashi S Seshia

6. Epidemiology of Headache and Migraine 55

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

7. Impact of Headache on Quality of Life 69

Andrew D Hershey and Scott W Powers

8. Assessment of Childhood Headache 73

Shashi S Seshia

9. Investigation of the Child with Chronic Headache:

the Red Flags 82

Mas Ahmed

10. Childhood Migraine: Clinical Features 93

Paul Winner

11. Management of Acute Attacks of Migraine 108

Mirja Hämäläinen

12. Preventative Treatment for Migraine and other

Headache Disorders 114

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

13. Potential Drugs for the Treatment of Migraine in Children 123

(Part 1) Kamran A Ahmed and Kenneth J Mack

(Part 2) Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

14. Headache and Comorbidity in Children: Stroke,

patent foramen ovale and epilepsy 127

Benedetta Bellini, Alessandra Cescut, Franco Lucchese,

Francesca Craba and Vincenzo Guidetti

15. Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome 136

Jean-Christophe Cuvellier

16. Abdominal Migraine 145

Donald Lewis

17. Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo and Benign Paroxysmal

Torticollis 156

George Russell

18. Tension-type Headache 165

Çiçek Wöber-Bingöl

19. Cluster Headache and other Trigeminal Autonomic

Cephalalgias 172

Giorgio Lambru and Manjit Matharu

20. Chronic Daily Headache in Children and Adolescents 188

Shashi S Seshia and Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

21. New Daily Persistent Headache in Children 207

Kenneth J Mack

22. Headache, Brain Tumours and Hydrocephalus 213

William P Whitehouse

23. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension 228

William P Whitehouse

24. Craniofacial Pain: Headache attributed to diseases

of the paranasal sinuses, the eyes, the teeth and the jaws 234

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

25. Chronic Post-traumatic Headache 240

Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

26. Psychological Aspects of Childhood Headache 246

Amanda Rach and Frank Andrasik

27. Psychological Treatment of Headache in children

and adolescents 258

Susanne Osterhaus

28. Dietary Management of Headache and Migraine 277

Sepideh Taheri

29. Management of the Child with Headache in General Practice 290

David P Kernick

30. Specialist Clinics for the Child with Headache 297

Stewart MacLeod and Ishaq Abu-Arafeh

31. Drawing as an Expression of Migraine Symptoms in

Children: Can a picture really paint a thousand words? 308

Vicky Quarshie

Index 319

'Dr Ishaq Abu-Arafeh, must be congratulated on bringing together experts in the complex and expanding field of childhood headaches, and for compiling a comprehensive, relevant, and easily readable text.'

Rajat Gupta, Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 2013

'Childhood Headache is an extremely useful book for specialists and other clinicians dealing with paediatric headaches. It provides a very clear examination of almost all the aspects of headache in childhood and adolescence, starting with the historical background, dealing with the pathophysiology, analysing the epidemiology and providing an up-to-date classification.'

Vincenzo Guidetti, Acta Paediatrica, 2014