Subject: Cerebral Palsy and Other Motor Disorders

Series: International Review of Child Neurology Series

Publication date: 07/06/2001

ISBN: 9781898683230

Edition: 1st

Pages: 272

Movement Disorders in Children

Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez, Jean Aicardi (Authors)

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Movement Disorders in Children brings the combined expertise and experience of two world-known authorities to the systematic and practical study of movement disorders in infancy and childhood.

Aimed at the clinicians and professionals who manage children with these disorders, Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez and Jean Aicardi cover not only the well-known diseases, but also the less well-known conditions, such as ‘transient’ and ‘paroxysmal’ movement disorders.

It is the first time all the available information, currently spread throughout journals and individual chapters in other books, has been brought together in one volume and specifically directed towards the care of children with movement disorders.

With its clinical emphasis, full coverage and extensive but selective references, this book is essential reading for child neurologists, pediatricians and physiotherapists.

International Review of Child Neurology Series No. 3

Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez
Emilio Fernandez Alvarez

Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez, Universitat de Barcelona

Jean Aicardi
Jean Aicardi

Jean Aicardi, HÙpital Robert DebrÈ, Paris


Foreword Bengt Hagberg.


1. General concepts.

2. Disorders in which a hypokinetic-rigid syndrome is the predominant feature.

3. Movement disorders with tremor as the main clinical manifestation.

4. Disorders with chorea or ballismus as predominant clinical features.

5. Movement disorders with dystonia or athetosis as the main clinical manifestation.

6. Diseases with several types of movement disorder.

7. Paroxysmal movement disorders.

8. Movement disorders with myclonus as the main clinical manifestation.

9. Tic disorders.

10. Drug-induced movement disorders.

11. Movement disorders in cerebral palsy: miscellaneous movement disorders in childhood.

12. Ancillary investigations:

section 1. recording of abnormal movements.

section 2. studies with positron emission tomography.

section 3. examination of biopsied tissue.


'This book will be a valuable reference source for specialists. It provides a comprehensive catalogue of movement disorders, including some that are exceedingly rare. The basic organisation of the material is good, and the format of the book allows the reader to find the appropriate references easily.'

Gerald Golden, New England Journal of Medicine

'There is still much to be learnt in the field of paediatric movement disorder, and much to be recorded in future texts in the area. One can only hope that they will be as intelligently written as this pioneering work.'

European Journal of Paediatric Neurology