Subject: Cerebral Palsy and Other Motor Disorders

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Publication date: 01/08/1997

ISBN: 9781898683100

Edition: 1st

Pages: 392

Neurophysiology and Neuropsychology of Motor Development

Kevin Connolly, Hans Forssberg (Editors)

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The central focus of this book is the development of skilled motor actions by children; commonplace but vital actions such as maintaining posture, walking, reaching and grasping, and manipulating objects and tools. It represents a state-of-the art report on motor development linking neurophysiological and neuropsychological approaches. Using examples from both normal and pathological development, contributions study pre and postnatal brain development and its relationship to movement, the importance of fetal movements, postural control in children, the neurobiology of locomotor development, neural mechanisms of grasping and typical patterns of behavioural change. New theoretical developments including adaptive model theory, dynamic systems theory, and the relationship between variability and stability in skill development are also critically reviewed.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 143

Kevin J. Connolly (Editor)
University of Sheffield, Sheffield, England.
Hans Forssberg

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.

1. Brain development and the development of tone and movement J. K. Brown, T. Omar and M. O’Regan
2. The importance of fetal movements H. F. R. Prechtl
3. Postural control in children: development in typical populations and in children with cerebral palsy and Down’s syndrome D. Matiello and M. Woollacott
4. Neurobiology of normal and impaired locomotor development H. Forssberg and V. Dietz
5. Locomotor development in children with cerebral palsy D. Scrutton and P. Rosenbaum
6. The interaction of muscle maturation with movement and posture J. P. Lin
7. Development and function of cutaneomuscular reflexes and their pathophysiology in cerebral palsy A. L. Evans
8. Skilled action and the development of the corticospinal tract in primates R. N. Lemon, J. Armand, E. Olivier and S. A. Edgley
9. The development of descending motor pathways in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: the effects of early brain damage L. J. Carr and J. A. Stephens
10. Postural adjustments associated with ballistic movements in adult humans P. Ashby, E. Cafarelli and E. Palmer
11. Development of neural mechanisms underlying grasping in children A. M. Gordon and H. Forssberg
12. The development of grip patterns in infancy K. M. Newell and P. V. McDonald
13. Perception in action approach to cerebral palsy D. N. Lee, C. von Hofsten and E. Cotton
14. Variability and stability in the development of skilled actions E. de J. Manoel and K. J. Connolly
15. Dynamic systems theory and skill development in infants and children B. D. Ulrich
16. Adaptive model theory: central processing in acquisition of skill P. D. Neilson, M. D. Neilson and N. J. O’Dwyer.