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In memoriam: The Late Professor Richard Robinson

In memoriam: The Late Professor Richard Robinson

1942 – 2022

Dr Ming Lim & Dr Alasdair Parker

It was with great sadness that we at the Mac Keith Press learned of the death of Professor Richard Robinson earlier this year. Professor Robinson was a wise and esteemed colleague of long-standing whose contribution to the Press’ work over the years is incalculable.

A paediatric neurologist, Professor Robinson acted as British Paediatric Neurology Association (BPNA) representative on the Mac Keith Press Editorial Board. He was ultimately made an honorary member of the Board, along with Professor Jean Aicardi. When Professor Robinson was asked to review recent issues of Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology for Board meetings, we were always grateful for his precise and constructive comments.

Early in his career, he worked with Dr Ronnie Mac Keith at the Evelina Children’s Hospital and the Newcomen Centre. Professor Robinson was past president of the BPNA and secretary general of the European Federation of Child Neurology Societies. He was also a member of the expert group for the Progressive Intellectual and Neurological Deterioration study for new variant CJD surveillance.

After he retired from Guys and St Thomas, Professor Robinson continued his work for Mac Keith Press. He recently wrote the Foreword to The Musculoskeletal System in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Philosophical Approach to Management by Martin Gough and Adam Shortland (2022).


Pictured above: Professor Richard Robinson

‘Richard was a key figure in the development of paediatric neurology in the UK. He had a hugely stimulating intellect and was a great friend to all those who worked with him. He was one of three professors of paediatric neurology at Guy’s Hospital and was part of the team that continued the tradition, pioneered by Ronnie Mac Keith, of multidisciplinary work to assess children with neurodevelopmental problems and provide support for their families. He brought his extensive experience and wisdom to the Mac Keith Press Editorial Board, continuing to participate actively as an emeritus member. His witty and rigorous contributions were such an essential part of Board meetings that it is hard to imagine them taking place without him.’

Dr Christopher Verity

‘Some years ago Dr Adam Shortland and I were invited to write a book on musculoskeletal development in children with cerebral palsy and the implications for clinical management. Professor Robinson was strongly supportive over the years it took us to write the book, encouraging us to continue and complete it. He reviewed the first draft of the book and made a number of helpful and constructive suggestions which greatly improved the format and cohesion of the final proofs. We invited him to write an introduction to the book, and were humbled by his warm and extremely generous foreword.’

Dr Martin Gough

‘Richard was an excellent clinician, teacher, and researcher who just knew so much about everything. Someone who was knowledgeable and experienced, wonderful with the children and gently explanatory with any family. It was a pleasure seeing families with him. He contributed greatly to paediatric neurology and neurodisability in particular through Mac Keith Press where he was on the Board and contributed many articles and chapters to books over the 40 years he was active clinically. He continued to be involved in retirement while also extending his interest in orchids to the entire British Isles flora, becoming an outstanding botanist as well as enjoying choral singing and enhancing village life developing a first-responder team during Covid. He was both loved and respected by his colleagues, and trained many of the current paediatric neurologists who remember him as an excellent teacher and inspiring clinician.’

Dr Gillian Nicholson

‘Richard dressed carefully in suit/tie and his bag of equipment/toys were ever ready. His luxuriant beard further added to families’ impression that his was a superior clinical opinion to those of his juniors. If he had one failing, it was putting his trainees in the invidious position of introducing themselves to Bermondsey mothers, who were consistent in expressing their disappointment that they were not seeing the Professor!’
Dr Ming Lim and Dr Alasdair Parker

On behalf of all of Professor Robinson’s trainees

Post by Dr Ming Lim & Dr Alasdair Parker

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Looking back on 2021: Books, courses, and more to come!

Looking back on 2021: Books, courses, and more to come!

In this blog post, Mac Keith Press Editorial and Marketing Coordinator, Paul Grossman, looks back on some of the highlights from the Press over the last year.

Paul Grossman, Mac Keith Press Editorial and Marketing Coordinator

It’s February already! The first month of the year has gone by so quickly, partly because there’s so much happening at the Press… and partly due to playing catch up with all the tasks that didn’t get completed before the Christmas break.

There’s certainly been no shortage of exciting happenings here at Mac Keith Press. In case you missed it, last year Mac Keith Press fully launched our online course series, starting with two full accredited courses (EACCME® / AMA PRA) – Principles of Child Neurology in Infancy and Clinical Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy. If you recognise the names, it’s because they’re based on one of our signature titles, Principles and Practice of Child Neurology in Infancy, 2nd Edition by Colin Kennedy. The courses were built in partnership with the EPNS (European Paediatric Neurology Society) to support paediatric health professionals to develop best clinical practice for all neurological problems in infancy. You can find out more here.

Mac Keith Press online accredited courses in child neurology – Principles of Child Neurology in Infancy and Clinical Practice of Child Neurology, built in partnership with the EPNS.

In December, the Press was pleased to publish Children with Vision Impairment: Assessment, Development, and Management by Naomi Dale, Alison Salt, Jenefer Sargent, and Rebecca Greenaway which was a long-awaited Practical Guide on disorders of the eye, optic nerve, and brain in children. It received a fantastic reception in the clinical world and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for this title. This book has been particularly noted for its inclusion of chapters written by parents and those with lived experience. You can find out more about the book and her lived experience from chapter author, Holly Tuke, or the recent author podcast.

The last twelve-months or so have seen several new quality titles added to the Mac Keith Press catalogue. Extremely Preterm Birth and its Consequences edited by Olaf Dammann, Alan Leviton, T Michael O’Shea, and Nigel Paneth, explores the results of the ELGAN (Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns) Study which was the largest and most comprehensive ever of its kind looking at babies born before 28 weeks’ gestation. The book is helping clinicians to prevent adverse health outcomes to the developing brain of newborns such as inflammation and infection. Last year, the Press also published the new edition of the Gross Motor Function Measure User’s Manual by Dianne J Russell, Marilyn Wright, Peter L Rosenbaum, Lisa M Avery, building upon the excellent work of the second and first editions with new insight and information on the GMFM App+. The Press also published Early Detection and Early Intervention in Developmental Motor Disorders by Mijna Hadders-Algra, which addresses how best to detect which infants will be later diagnosed and how timely intervention can improve quality of life. It was a really great year with quality publications, so make sure to check out any books you might have missed.

Early Detection and Early Intervention podcast – click here

Gross Motor Function Measure User’s Guide podcast – click here

Children with Vision Impairment podcast – click here

Last year, we also launched a blog with the aim to offer more opportunities for our authors to talk about their books and provide another longer-form channel to provide our supporters with updates about the Press. It’s also given us a new platform to encourage content submissions from parents, care-providers, and those with lived experience.  Holly, chapter author from Children with Vision Impairment, was kind enough to contribute a piece on what it was like to write a book chapter and her experience as someone with vision impairment, written in collaboration with Naomi Dale. Since then, we’ve also published blogs from longstanding Mac Keith Press author, Mijna Hadders-Algra, and from Martin Gough and Adam Shortland on their upcoming publication with the Press. There’s lot’s see and lot’s more to come, so watch this space.

A recent post from the Mac Keith Press Instagram featuring the new blog.

In other news, our journal, DMCN (Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology) broke its previous record by being awarded a new impact factor of 5.449 (2yr) and 5.366 (5yr)! You can check out our new “Welcome to Mac Keith Press” video from DMCN Editor in Chief Bernard Dan here and his 2021 DMCN wrap-up here. If you’re not already connected with us on our social channels, you should be – we post content and news from the Press daily, plus highlights from DMCN and author podcasts to our YouTube channel. If you’re considering buying a book or course from our store, make sure you sign up to our newsletter as new sign- ups receive a one-time 20% off coupon to use in the store.

Looking ahead, the Press will soon publish two more titles, both of which I expect to spark debate in their respective circles.

The Musculoskeletal System in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Philosophical Approach to Management by Martin Gough and Adam Shortland is due for publication in February and promises a “paradigm shift” in how we think about the musculoskeletal system in the child with cerebral palsy. The book critically challenges current standard practice and advocates for an alternative clinical model, focussing on the experience of the child and the world and embracing uncertainty. The book is available for pre-order now.

Coming not long afterwards, Mijna Hadders-Algra is publishing her third title with us – this time, SINDA: Standardized Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment edited with Uta Tacke, Joachim Pietz, Heike Philippi. This Practical Guide offers a way to accurately predict neurodevelopmental disability within the first year of life using their new assessment tool.

The Musculoskeletal System in Children with Cerebral Palsy podcast – click here

SINDA: Standardized Infant NeuroDevelopmental Assessment podcast – click here

As you can see, it’s been a very busy (and exciting) period for the Press with lots more just on the horizon. In 2022 we will be commissioning new books and courses and expanding our offerings for parents, care-providers and persons living with disability; if you have an idea about what we could do better, or to be involved in this process, please reach out. Keep in contact with us using our social channels or drop us an email at  – we’d love to hear from you!

A Mac Keith Press book, cake and a coffee make an excellent trio – from the Mac Keith Press Instagram page.

Paul Grossman February 2022

Paul Grossman

Paul Grossman is the Editorial and Marketing Coordinator for Mac Keith Press. They have a masters degree in history from the University of Nottingham and enjoy baking and creative writing in their spare time.