An Atlas of Neonatal Brain Sonography, 2nd Edition


This Atlas covers the entire spectrum of brain disease as studied with ultrasound, illustrated throughout with superb-quality images. It is aimed at neonatologists and radiologists confronted with everyday clinical questions on the neonatal ward.

Most newborn brain disorders can be identified with ultrasound; this book is therefore particularly useful in settings with limited MRI facilities. Prenatal ultrasound specialists will also find it valuable as a postnatal reference in their field of interest. Suggestions for differential diagnosis accompany all the sonographic findings, guiding the clinician in proceeding from an abnormal image to a diagnosis.

This second edition of the Atlas has been brought up to date to include the many advances in technique and interpretation that have been made in the past decade. The images have been replaced with new ones of higher quality, and all the line artwork has been standardised and improved.

Neonatologists, radiologists, neuroradiologists with an interest in neonatal ultrasound.

Reviews of the First Edition
‘This is the most challenging and comprehensive book on this theme, and is an essential reference for clinicians to make a correct diagnosis.’ Satoshi Takada, Brain and Development

‘This can be little doubt that this title represents the definitive work on neonatal cranial ultrasound. The authors have had extensive experience in the use of ultrasound scanning the neonatal brain for almost as long as ultrasound has been used to investigate intracranial pathology on the neonatal unit. Their combined experience is most impressive.’ Malcolm Leven, Archives of Disease in Childhood

Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 182-183