Movement Difficulties in Developmental Disorders – Chapter 1: The Nature of Movement Difficulties and Developmental Disorders (free ebook)


Chapter 1 – The Nature of Movement Difficulties and Developmental Disorders from Movement Difficulties in Developmental Disorders

About the Complete Book

This book presents the latest evidence-based approaches to assessing and managing movement disorders in children. Uniquely, children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and children with movement difficulties as a co-occurring secondary characteristic of another development disorder, including ADHD, ASD, and Dyslexia, are discussed. It will prove a valuable guide for anybody working with children with movement difficulties, including clinicians, teachers and parents.

  • Guidelines are underpinned by motor learning theory, empiricism and professional practice
  • Case studies demonstrate the adaptability of these guidelines and show how they may be applied to children of different ages, abilities, and environments
  • Includes interviews of thirteen notable clinicians and academics with intervention methodologies from around the world.

Video About the Book

Watch author Michael Wade talk about the book:

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