Effective interventions for rehabilitation following brain tumours and other brain injuries acquired in childhood

Children and young people affected by a brain tumour or other brain injury acquired in childhood face a difficult journey back to health and to lives which will, in many cases, be rather different than those they were leading prior to their brain injury.

On 10th March 2020, a one day meeting was held at the Royal College of Physicians, London entitled Effective interventions for rehabilitation following brain tumours and other brain injuries acquired in childhood. The meeting was motivated by the need, urgently felt by both health service users and healthcare providers, for collaborative clinical research to hasten the progress of affected children and young people towards active participation in society and a full life as adults.

The 106 attendees (including speakers) were comprised of around one third oncologists, neurologists or rehabilitationists and around two thirds allied health professionals with the remainder being service users. Hospital centres from cities all over the UK and Ireland with regional paediatric brain tumour treatment centres and several community-based services were represented.

The programme of the day comprises nine invited talks, guided poster discussions, and parallel workshops with feedback to a plenary session. The 12 videos below will take you to audio-visual recordings of all nine invited talks that vary in duration from 4 to 40 minutes. They include one that has been split into two recordings and also an important announcement of The Brain Tumour Charity’s strategy for financial support of Quality of Life research for 2020-2025.

The recordings bring together the best clinical research in this special field in the UK with a further two excellent talks by Dr Mathilde Chevignard from Paris, France and Professor Don Mabbott from Toronto, Canada who are both global leaders on rehabilitation following childhood brain tumours.

Professor Colin Kennedy

Meeting Convenor & Professor in Neurology and Paediatrics, University of Southampton



Welcome from Professor Colin Kennedy


Developments in community rehabilitation

Dr Lorna Wales, The Children’s Trust & Deborah Levy, Children & Child Health, Surrey


Parenting, peer & school support, psycho-education

Dr Emily Bennett, Nottingham & Dr Suzanna Watson, Cambridge


A parent’s perspective and the potential benefits of the KLIK system for PROMS

Mr Andy Newman, Gloucestershire & Dr Kim Bull, Southampton


Rehabilitation of children with brain tumours – Beyond service delivery; lessons from Brainbow

Dr Amos Burke, Cambridge


Evidencing rehabilitation

Dr Rob Forsyth, Newcastle


Mac Keith Press Lecture:

Health care for the long term after brain injury

Dr Mathilde Chevignard, Paris


New funding support for network to ‘Halve the harm’ associated with brain tumours

Becky Birch, Head of Research, The Brain Tumour Charity


Neurocognitive and pharmacological interventions to improve outcomes

Associate Professor Anna Adlam, Exeter & Dr Sarah Verity, Newcastle


Dr Sarah Verity, Newcastle


Improving motor function; cerebellar mutism syndrome

Helen Hartley, Liverpool


Novel approaches for cognitive recovery and brain repair in survivors of paediatric brain tumours
Don Mabbott, Toronto

These video recordings are for personal study, not for onward re-use without permission, contact us for further information.



I would like to express my deep thanks to the speakers for their talks and for their permission to use their words and power-point presentations in this way. I would also like to thank the members of the steering group, drawn from neuro-oncology, neuro-rehabilitation, clinical and neuro-psychology, occupational therapy, and service users who helped to shape the content of the day. Finally, I am very grateful to the sponsors who made the day possible. The speakers, steering group and sponsors are identified at the beginning of the recordings. There are no restrictions on access to these recordings. I am keen that they are well used and would encourage you to send the link to this page to anyone to whom you think it will be of interest. I do hope they will provide you with inspiration and food for thought regarding the way forward for rehabilitation after not only brain tumours but also other brain injuries acquired in childhood.

Professor Colin Kennedy

Meeting Convenor & Professor in Neurology and Paediatrics, University of Southampton



We wish to acknowledge the following charities and companies who generously supported the meeting.

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