Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood, 4th Edition – Part VII: Paroxysmal Disorders (ebook)

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Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edition: 4th

Publication date: August 2018

Page count: 206

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Part VII: Paroxysmal Disorders from Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood, 4th Edition

Chapter 16 – Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders by Alexis Arzimanoglou and Michael S Duchowny

  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Mechanisms of Epileptic Seizures
  • Aetiology of the Epilepsies
  • Pathology
  • Classification Issues
    • Classification of Epileptic Seizures
    • Classification of Epilepsy Syndromes
  • Epileptic Seizures and Epilepsy Syndromes by Age at Onset
    • Seizures and Syndromes of the Neonatal Period
    • Seizures and Syndromes of Infancy and Early Childhood
    • Seizures and Syndromes of Late Childhood and Adolescence
  • Stimulus Sensitive (Reflex) Epilepsies
  • Immune-mediated Seizure Disorders
  • Status Epilepticus
    • Convulsive Status Epilepticus
    • Nonconvulsive Status Epilepticus
    • Refractory Status Epilepticus
    • Electrical Status Epilepticus of Slow Wave Sleep
  • Differential Diagnosis From Paroxysmal Disorders Other Than Epilepsy
    • Anoxic Seizures
    • Syncopes of Cardiac Origin
    • Episodes of Apnoea or Bradycardia in Young Infants
    • Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC)
    • Paroxysmal Disturbances of Consciousness
    • Acute Psychiatric Manifestations
    • Seizures of Toxic Origin
    • Tetany
  • Investigations in Patients with Epilepsy
    • Electroencephalography
    • Neuroimaging in Epilepsy
  • Treatment of Epileptic Seizures and Epilepsy Syndromes
    • Education of Parents and Children
    • Drug Treatment
    • Non-Drug Medical Treatments
    • Surgical Treatment of Epilepsy
  • Prognosis of Epilepsy

Chapter 17 – Headache Disorders in Children by Kenneth J Mack

  • Primary Headache Disorders
  • Secondary Causes of Headache

Chapter 18 – Sleep Disorders by Patricia Franco

  • Paroxysmal Disorders of Sleep
  • Sleep Apnoea Syndromes
  • Hypersomnia and Insomnia Syndromes

About the Complete Book

The Premier Reference Book on Clinical Child Neurology.

Congenital or early-onset disorders of the nervous system have a profound and lifelong impact on the lives of children and their families. Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood, 4th Edition provides up-to-date information on the full range of these neurological disorders, from fetal and neonatal neurology to adolescence.

Movement disorders, epilepsies and seizure disorders, metabolic diseases, auditory and visual disorders, and genetic anomalies are among the many topics covered in this text. Extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter guide the clinician to further relevant reading.

This fourth edition retains the patient-focussed, clinical approach of its predecessors. The international team of editors and contributors has honoured the request of the late Jean Aicardi, that his book remain ‘resolutely clinical’, which distinguishes Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood from other texts in the field. For further information about the history of this title and previous editions, please see Further Materials.

This edition:

  • Is completely revised and updated
  • Includes latest developments in genetic advances
  • Contains new chapters on basal ganglia diseases and psychogenic disorders
  • Has an easy-to-use one volume format with full-colour illustrations

Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood, 4th Edition remains the classic, user-friendly resource for busy clinicians in paediatric neurology, child neurology, general paediatrics, neurodisability, and all related medical disciplines.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Alexis Arzimanoglou (Editor)

Alexis Arzimanoglou

Professor Alexis Arzimanoglou is the Director of the Department of Paediatric Clinical Epileptology, Sleep Disorders and Functional Neurology at the University Hospitals of Lyon, France and Visiting Professor at the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain, coordinating the Epilepsy Research Program at the Hospital San Juan de Dios.

He graduated from the Salonica University, Greece, trained in Neurology at Great Ormond Street, London, UK and at the Hôpital de la Salpetriere and in Child Neurology as a fellow of Jean Aicardi at the Hôpital des Enfants Malades in Paris, France. He then with worked with Jean Aicardi for over 25 years. He served as: Chair of the Scientific Committee of the European Paediatric Neurology Society; Editor-in-Chief of the International League Against Epilepsy (IALE) educational journal Epileptic Disorders; Elected member of the European Commission of the ILAE.

Together with Jean Aicardi and Renzo Guerrini he authored Aicardi's Epilepsy in Children. He is the editor of seven books and an author or co-author of over one hundred scientific articles in the fields of cognition, medical and surgical treatment of childhood epilepsies.

Anne O’Hare

Professor Anne O’Hare

Professor Anne O’Hare is Professor of Community Paediatrics and Director of the Salvesen Mindroom Centre for Learning Difficulties, at the University of Edinburgh, UK. She is a developmental paediatrician with extensive clinical experience in neurodisability, neuroscience and child protection.

Her research interests include how neurodevelopmental conditions impact on the development of speech, language, communication, motor skills and learning and the development of effective interventions. She has co-edited and contributed to numerous book chapters and articles in her field.

Michael V Johnston

Professor Michael V Johnston

Professor Michael V Johnston is a Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Chief Medical Officer and the Blum Moser Endowed Professor of Pediatric Neurology at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

He trained in pediatrics, neurology and neuroscience at Johns Hopkins, and his clinical and research interests include fetal and neonatal neurology, as well as care for older children with cerebral palsy and neurogenetic disorders including Rett syndrome. He has been active in development of strategies to protect the developing brain from hypoxic-ischemic injury. He is one of the founding faculty members of the Neurosciences Intensive Care Nursery (NICN) research and clinical care group at Johns Hopkins Hospital, and he has also been a leader in of the Phelps Cerebral Palsy Center at Kennedy Krieger.

Robert Ouvrier

Professor Robert Ouvrier

Professor Robert Ouvrier is the Emeritus Professor of child neurology in the University of Sydney.

After training in general paediatrics in Sydney, Perth and Papua-New Guinea, he undertook specialist training in child neurology at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, the University of Kentucky (1969-70) and the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore USA (1971-72). He was then Head of the Department of Neurology at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney for 25 years. In 1999, he became the Foundation Head of the Institute for Neuroscience and Muscle Research at The Children's Hospital, Westmead. He was President of the International Child Neurology Association from 2006-2010.

He is the author of two books, thirty book chapters and an author or co-author of over 150 scientific articles on paediatric neurology.

  • Complete Book
  • Jean Aicardi (1926–2015)
  • Jean Aicardi: A Brief Curriculum Vitae
  • About the Editors
  • Authors’ Appointments
  • Preface to Third Edition
  • Preface to Fourth Edition
  • Acknowledgements
  • Part 1 Fetal and Neonatal Neurology
  • 1. Fetal Neurology
  • Adré J Du Plessis and Michael V Johnston
  • 2. Neurological Diseases in the Perinatal Period
  • Miriam Martinez-Biarge and Linda S de Vries
  • Part 2 Brain Malformations, Neurocutaneous Syndromes, Genetic Anomalies and Dysmorphic Syndromes
  • 3. Developmental Brain Malformations
  • Nadia Bahi-Buisson and Nathalie Boddaert
  • 4. Neurocutaneous Diseases and Syndromes
  • Eleni Panagiotakaki and Alexis Arzimanoglou
  • 5. Genetic Anomalies and Dysmorphic Syndromes
  • Karine Pelc and Bernard Dan
  • Part 3 Neurological Consequences of Prenatal, Perinatal and Early Postnatal Interference with Brain Development
  • 6. Osseous Malformations of the Skull and Craniovertebral Junction
  • Richard Hayward and Dominic Thompson
  • 7. Hydrocephalus and Non-Traumatic Pericerebral Collections
  • Andrew Whitelaw and Christian Sainte-Rose
  • 8. Cerebral Palsy and Related Movement Disorders
  • Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann
  • Part 4 Metabolic and Heredodegenerative Disorders
  • 9. Metabolic Diseases
  • Linda De Meirleir
  • 10. Heredodegenerative Disorders
  • Victoria San Antonio Arce, Jaume Campistol Plana, Alexis Arzimanoglou and Robert Ouvrier
  • Part 5 Postnatal Extrinsic Insults
  • 11. Infectious Diseases
  • Michael Eyre, Alasdair Bamford and Cheryl Hemingway
  • 12. Parainfectious and Other Inflammatory Disorders of Immunological Origin
  • Marc Tardieu and Michael Johnston
  • 13. Accidental and Non-Accidental Injuries by Physical and Toxic Agents
  • Karen Barlow, Robert Forsyth and Robert Minns
  • Part 6 Tumours and Vascular Disorders
  • 14. Tumours of the Central Nervous System, Other Space-Occupying Lesions and Pseudotumour Cerebri
  • Colin Kennedy, Aabir Chakraborty and David Walker
  • 15. Cerebrovascular Disorders
  • Gabrielle deVeber and Adam Kirton
  • Part 7 Paroxysmal Disorders
  • 16. Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders
  • Alexis Arzimanoglou and Michael S Duchowny
  • 17. Headache Disorders in Children
  • Kenneth J Mack
  • 18. Sleep Disorders
  • Patricia Franco
  • Part 8 Movement Disorders
  • 19. Basal Ganglia Diseases and Movement Disorders
  • Paddy Grattan-Smith, Russell C Dale and Emilio Fernandez-Alvarez
  • 20. Tics and Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome
  • Robert Ouvrier and Russell C Dale
  • 21. Non-Epileptic Paroxysmal Movement Disorders
  • Paddy Grattan-Smith, Russell C Dale, Emilio Fernández-Alvarez
  • Part 9 Disorders of the Oculomotor, Visual, Auditory and Vestibular Systems
  • 22. Disorders of Visual and Oculomotor Functions
  • Carey Matsuba
  • 23. Disorders of Auditory and Vestibular Function
  • Anne O’Hare
  • Part 10 Neuromuscular Diseases
  • 24. Diseases of the Motor Neuron
  • Mariacristina Scoto and Francesco Muntoni
  • 25. Disorders of the Peripheral Nerves
  • Manoj Menezes and Robert Ouvrier
  • 26. Muscle Disorders
  • Monique M Ryan, Francesco Muntoni and Kathryn N North
  • Part 11 Neurological Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
  • 27. Electrolyte and Acid-Base Metabolism Disturbances, Nutritional Disorders and Other Systemic Diseases
  • Peter Baxter
  • Part 12 Developmental and Neuropsychiatric Disorders of Childhood
  • 28. Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and their Management
  • Bruce K Shapiro
  • 29. Autism Spectrum Disorder and Autistic-Like Conditions
  • Anne O’Hare and Roberto Tuchman
  • 30. Attention-Deficit–Hyperactivity Disorder and Co-existing Impairments
  • Bruce K Shapiro
  • 31. Disorders of Speech, Language and Communication
  • Anne O’Hare
  • 32. Psychogenic Neurological Disorders
  • Paddy Grattan-Smith
  • Index

‘Aicardi's Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood established itself in its previous editions as the pre‐eminent textbook for a non‐American readership, and I would go as far as to say that the current edition should now be required reading for the worldwide paediatric neurology community. It has been structured and written by leading authorities in their specific disciplines, thereby creating a complete picture of the clinical and pathological areas that concern us as child neurologists, setting out what has been known for many years, but also what has been established more recently. I believe that it has a major role to play in helping neurologists, new and old, make sense of a complex, fascinating, and constantly changing field. I believe that each paediatric neurology department should have this book in its library.’ Neil Thomas, Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 2019

‘This book is a combined effort of 47 leading pediatric neurologists from all over the world. It covers systematically the whole range of pediatric neurological disorders. Each chapter is written by authors who have made substantial contribution to the topic. This updated version is definitely a gem of a book and should be on the shelves of libraries of departments of pediatrics, neurology and clinical genetics. We are convinced that this book will be readily adopted by most students and pediatricians and that it is here to stay.’ Veronica Arora & Ishwar Verma, The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 2019

'The [chapters] are comprehensive. The print of illustrations (many in full color) is of good quality. The cost performance ratio is very favorable. Undoubtedly, the editors and authors have succeeded (as intended in the preface) in providing a reference book for practicing child neurologists...' Eugen Boltshasuer, Neuropediatrics, 2019

'Jean Aicardi is a name synonymous with modern child neurology. Single-handedly, he wrote the first edition of the book, which bears his name and was published in 1995. The fourth edition, 23 years later, is edited by 4 eminent child neurologists and written by 47 authors. Recent advancement in areas of neuroimaging, molecular biology and molecular genetics have unravelled many of the mysteries that challenged paediatric neurologists over the years leading to a better understanding of many disease processes, but also bringing with them new challenges and higher expectations... Aicardi’s Diseases of the Nervous System in Childhood is a valuable resource and a reference book to practicing child neurologists, trainees and all physicians looking after children in acute hospital setting, in office practice or managing children with chronic neurodisabilities. It will, undoubtedly, make its way to the desks, computers and laptops of many paediatric neurologists.' I. Abu‐Arafeh, Epileptic Disorders, 2018

'This book is not only well organized and well written, it lives up to its goal of being practical and comprehensive. It is an important resource for anyone interested in child neurology. The fact that the senior authors are from France, the U.S., Scotland, and Australia and the contributors encompass a wide range of experts from all over the world provides an international perspective. This is definitely a reference that will be used on a regular basis.' Lawrence Brown, MD, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, 2018

Reviews of previous edition: 'In summary this textbook certainly is a great addition of neurologic knowledge for the developmental-behavioral pediatrician, be it for training or for clinical work. The text is very readable and offers a broad range of information with a vast bibliography. I can recommend it especially as a resource for training programs in developmental-behavioral pediatrics and for the neurologically interested clinician in general.' Dr. Olaf Kraus de Camargo, Journal of Developmental Pediatrics, 2011

'The book is enormous and contains almost 1000 pages. It is split into 11 different sections, with several chapters in each. Information is easy to find. There are many useful tables, diagrams, photographs, radiology images and even some colour images of fundi.' Rachel Kneen, Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, 2010

'This third edition of this classic text is a must for the bookshelves of all child neurologists, neurodevelopmental pediatricians, and behavioral paediatricians, as well as adult neurologists and pediatricians who have an interest in the neurologic problems of children. It covers new information exceedingly well, and effectively replaces the second edition.' Marvin A. Fishman, Pediatric Neurology, 2009

'This text deserves a place in the library of every child neurology training program, and will be useful to many practicing child neurologists as well.' Wendy G. Mitchell, Neurology, 2009

'This book is one of the best of its kind and, as with the first edition, will continue to take first place on the shelf of all paediatric neurologists. It is also highly readable, and will remain the "friendly companion at the bedside" that Professor Aicardi aims for.' Journal of Neurology

'This text is an excellent investment for any paediatric department as a bench book: trainees will rely on it for postgraduate examinations and many physicians in general and neurological practice of children and adults will covet the copy that is now at my right hand.' Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

'This continues to set a high standard for other pediatric neurology textbooks to emulate. Clinicians will find this book useful in clinical practice and for the education of residents and medical students. While there are more detailed books about various specialty areas in child neurology, this one succeeds as a comprehensive, single-volume general pediatric neurology reference. Over the last decade, significant changes have occurred in our understanding of neurologic disease and its treatment. This is reflected in this edition and should encourage those who have found this book useful to update to the newer edition.' Kevin Chapman, MD, Barrow Neurological Institute

'The author's purpose was to write a practical clinical textbook for clinicians and he is faithful to his goal. In sum, I feel that the author has set out clear objectives and has met them well, sharing his great breadth and depth of knowledge and logical thought patterns with us in writing and communicating them well. I recommend this book to general pediatricians as well as to neurologists.' Harvey Sarnat, MD, FRCPC, University of Washington School of Medicine