Zinkin, Disabled Children & Developing Countries, Cover

Disabled Children & Developing Countries

Product Type: Print Edition (Complete Book)

ISBN: 9781898683049

Pam Zinkin (Editor), Helen McConachie (Editor)

Series: Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edition: 1

Publication date: January 1995

Page count: 240

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This book describes the situation of children with a range of disabilities living in developing countries. It evaluates currently available models of therapy, treatment and education, and how some of these have been applied where resources are scarce. Community-based solutions reached in developing countries, and the social and political context governing further progress, have implications in turn for professionals in developing countries. The book provides a critical basis of knowledge from which services for disabled children and their families may be planned appropriately. The international group of authors do not focus on any particular disability, nor on any one part of the world, but provide a broad coverage of issues concerning children and disability in developing countries.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine No. 136

Pam Zinkin (Editor)

Pam Zinkin is Senior Lecturer in International Child Health at the Institute of Child Health, London,  UK.

Helen McConachie (Editor)

Helen McConachie is Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the Institute of Child Health, London, UK.

  • Contributors vi
  • Foreword ix
  • Alfred Scherzer
  • Preface xi
  • 1.Framework: Prevalence 1
  • Naila Khan and Maureen Durkin
  • 2 Framework: Priorities 10
  • Pam Zinkin
  • 3. Child disability services and interventions 15
  • Gillian Baird and Helen McConachie
  • 4. The Evaluation of interventions 42
  • Margaret Martlew and Kevin Connolly
  • 5. Early intervention in developing countries 63
  • Roy McConkey
  • 6. Surgery and disabled children 84
  • David Hall and Kenneth C Rankin
  • 7. Early identification of impairments in children 101
  • Stuart Logan
  • 8. Critique of current practices in assessment of children 110
  • Helen McConachie
  • 9. Education: responding to special needs through teacher development 131
  • Mel Ainscow, NK Jangira and Anupam Ahuja
  • 10. Education: The experience of the Karnataka Parents' Association 147
  • Michael P A Mathias
  • 11. Disability Programmes in the Community 152
  • Gautam Chaudhury, Kalyani Menon-Sen and Pam Zinkin
  • 12.Growing up disabled 183
  • Joseph Kisanji
  • 13. Violence and disabled children 203
  • Naomi Richman
  • 14. Rights not charity 214
  • Leonard Williams
  • 15. Conclusions 219
  • Helen McConachie and Pam Zinkin
  • Acknowledgements 230
  • Index 231

'This highly informative and well-written book provides a rich foundation of ideas for the development of services. I would certainly recommend the book to professionals working with disabled children and hope it will be widely available to colleagues practising in developing countries.' Jane McCarthy, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry

'The editors of this text have brought together international authors to provide the reader with a global picture and perspective of children with disabilities from developing countries. Informative and valuable. The experienced clinician and graduate student will find that this book broadens their knowledge base and provides them with a global view of children with disabilities.' Elise Bloch, Occupational Therapy in Health Care

'The editors of this book should be commended fore realistically describing the challenge of achieving equal rights for children with special needs, wherever they live.' Joyce W Sparling, Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics

'The book will enable readers working in both developed and developing regions to review their priorities and plan effective programs and stimulate them to include people with disabilities in service planning and provision.' Stephen B. Sulkes, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

'Readers will likely be inspired and informed by the numerous accounts of successful and unsuccessful projects and case studies in India, Africa, Mexico, and elsewhere. The information contained in this volume raises our international consciousness with respect to children with disabilities as the authors emphasize, once again, how closely all on the planet are linked to one another.' Michael J Guralnick, American Journal of Mental Retardation

'A useful review of and orientation to this expanding field.' Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology