Virtual Issues

Virtual Issues are quarterly collections of previously-published articles on specific topics. Read our Virtual Issues on the following topics:

Epigenetic mechanisms in human growth, development, and disease

Developmental changes in paediatric neurodisability: from concepts to diagnostics and therapy

Mac Keith Press: 50th Anniversary

Paediatric Stroke (2020 Update)

Cerebral Palsy Classification Systems

New Technologies in Paediatric Neurodisability

Neonatal Neurology

Orthopaedic Management of Cerebral Palsy

Transition to Adulthood

Pain in Cerebral Palsy and Other Developmental Disabilities

Epilepsy 2018 Update

Early intervention: the power of parenting and practice in the light of the ICF-CY

Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy


Autism (2017 Update)


Recent Advances in Developmental Medicine – Plain Language Summaries

Interventions in Cerebral Palsy (2016 Update)

Mitochondrial Disorders

Cerebral Palsy Grows Up

Rett syndrome – in celebration of the work of Bengt Hagberg

Activity and Exercise Therapies

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Paediatric Stroke

Orthopaedic Interventions in Cerebral Palsy

Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy

Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Horse Riding



Evaluating Interventions in Cerebral Palsy

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