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Cluster headache in children and adolescents: a systematic review of case reports

This systematic review of case reports describes the clinical characteristics and therapeutic options available to paediatric patients with cluster headache.

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DCD International Classification

International clinical practice recommendations on the definition, diagnosis, assessment, intervention, and psychosocial aspects of developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

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Discordant electroencephalogram epileptiform activity and hemispherectomy in children with refractory epilepsy and encephaloclastic lesions: a case series

This is a case series of six children with unilateral cerebral palsy and hemispheric encephaloclastic lesions who were evaluated for epilepsy surgery.

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Functional vision and cognition in infants with congenital disorders of the peripheral visual system

This article assesses vision and cognition in a national cohort of 1-year-old infants with congenital disorders of the peripheral visual system and visual impairment in order to determine the relationship between vision and early development.

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Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination and long-term cognitive outcome in children born very preterm

This study explores the association between the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination (HINE) at age 2 years and neurocognition at age 11 years in children born very preterm.

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Mac Keith Press Catalogue

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Meeting Recording: Effective interventions for rehabilitation following brain tumours and other brain injuries acquired in childhood

In 2020, a meeting was held at the Royal College of Physicians, motivated by the need for collaborative clinical research by healthcare providers and users on the progress of affected children and young people towards active participation in society and a full life as adults.

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Nutritional screening of children and adolescents with cerebral palsy: a scoping review

This scoping review examines nutritional screening methods for children and adolescents with cerebral palsy.

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Optimal clinical management of children receiving ketogenic parenteral nutrition: a clinical practice guide

This clinical practice guide provides evidence-based recommendations on the application of ketogenic diet parenteral nutrition in emergency situations.

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Review: Fragile X Syndrome and Premutation Disorders: New Developments and Treatments Edited by Randi J, Hagerman and Paul J, Hagerman.

Fragile X is best known as the most common single gene cause of intellectual disability and autism. It was identified in 1991 as being caused by a large trinucleotide CGG expansion within the X-linked gene FMR1. In the subsequent decades, the clinical presentations associated with FMR1 CGG expansions have broadened considerably...

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Ronald Charles Mac Keith – A Memoir (free ebook)

This reprint of articles from the February 1978 issue of Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology was produced on the occasion of a celebration of Dr Mac Keith's life and work at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Annual Meeting 2007.

Graphical abstract for the paper 'Understanding skeletal muscle in cerebral palsy: a path to personalized medicine?' by Howard et al.

Understanding skeletal muscle in cerebral palsy: a path to personalized medicine?

Until recently, there has been little interest in understanding the intrinsic features associated with the pathomorphology of skeletal muscle in cerebral palsy (CP). Coupled with emerging evidence that challenges the role of spasticity as a determinant of gross motor function and in the development of fixed muscle contractures, it has become increasingly important to further elucidate the underlying mechanisms responsible for muscle alterations in CP...

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Visual attention and dietary supplementation in children with perinatal brain injury

This study investigates whether children with perinatal brain injury have impairments in specific components of visual attention, and whether early dietary supplementation can reduce any deficits.

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