Autism: a Neurological Disorder of Early Brain Development – Chapter 1: Where We Are: Overview and Definitions (free ebook)


Chapter 1  – Where We Are: Overview and Definitions by Isabelle Rapin and Roberto F Tuchman from Autism: a Neurological Disorder of Early Brain Development

About the Complete Book

Written by child neurologists, this comprehensive, multi-authored volume on autism systematically discusses the classification, epidemiology and neurobiology of autism.

Autism lacks a unique etiology or specific pathology, so the behaviorally defined social deficits, language impairments and repetitive behaviors that define autism are explored from a developmental neurology perspective. The evidence suggesting that autism is a disorder of neuronal development is reviewed by experts on the genetics, neuroanatomy and neuroradiology, neurochemistry, immunology, and neurophysiology of autism. Chapters provide comprehensive reviews of the common neurological problems associated with autism such as epilepsy, sleep disturbances and motor and sensory deficits.

Neuropsychological assessment, medical and psychopharmacologic management, educational and behavioral interventions, and outcome are discussed within the clinical content of the practising neurologist. The research agenda needed to understand the neurology of autism is emphasized throughout the book and in the conclusion.

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International Review of Child Neurology Series No. 7