Disorders of the Spinal Cord in Children (ebook)


Spinal cord disorders have tended to be approached as adjuncts to disorders of the paediatric brain or peripheral nervous system. This is partly a function of numbers –  specifically spinal pathologies being less frequent than those of the brain and the peripheral neuromuscular system, partly a function of the relatively limited investigation techniques available before the advent of MRI and, at least to some degree, it is because the clinical evaluation of the spinal cord in young children is difficult and may be overshadowed by the manifestations of accompanying brain and peripheral neuromuscular symptomatology.

This is the first book to cover the range of paediatric spinal cord disease, its clinical assessment, appropriate investigation, its medical and neurosurgical management and neuro-rehabilitation.

It is likely that the role of the cord, in conditions ranging from neonatal neurological injury to shaken impact syndrome and in inflammatory and neurometabolic disorders and beyond, will continue to become more evident over coming years.

  • First comprehensive coverage of pediatric spinal medical and neurosurgical disorders, their investigations and management brings the whole topic into focus
  • Definitives chapters on neuro-imaging and neurophysiology


Paediatric neurologists, paediatric neurosurgeons, paediatric oncologists, paediatric neuroradiologists and neurophysiologists,  rehabilitation physicians and therapists.

Clinics in Developmental Medicine Series