Extremely Preterm Birth and its Consequences – Chapter 1: Introduction (free ebook)


Chapter 1 – Introduction from Extremely Preterm Birth and its Consequences: The ELGAN Study

About the Complete Book

The ELGAN (Extremely Low Gestational Age Newborns) Study was the largest and most comprehensive multicentre study ever completed for this population of babies born before 28 weeks’ gestation. The authors’ presentation and exploration of the results of the research will help clinicians to prevent adverse health outcomes and promote positive health for these children. They have focused on the exposures and outcomes related to the developing brain, inflammation and infection as major risk factors for developmental adversity.

  • Identifies potentially modifiable risk factors and pathways leading to a broad range of neurodevelopmental impairments in middle childhood, as well as to other conditions such as asthma, obesity, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum disorder.
  • With a focus on pre-, peri-, and post-natal inflammation and the methods used to assess it.
  • Covers antenatal and postnatal risk factors, then structural and functional indicators of damage to the brain.

From the Foreword

“The ELGAN Study is an important contribution and not only clarifies, but also signposts their work and future research directions … one of the most important large detailed and prospective longitudinal studies in our field.”

Neil Marlow

Professor of Neonatal Medicine, University College London


It will be a valuable and comprehensive resource for practising neonatologists, developmental paediatricians, child neurologists and psychiatrists, as well as to researchers studying population health.

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