Rett Syndrome – Chapter 2: The Natural History of Rett Syndrome (ebook)


ChapterĀ 2 – The Natural History of Rett Syndrome: Building on Recent Experience

The first widely-read publication by Hagberg et al. (1983) on Rett syndrome (RTT) spawned a remarkable surge in our understanding of this unique neurodevelopmental disorder, from both the clinical and laboratory perspectives. Critical elements from the clinical perspective were the development of consensus criteria as detailed in Chapter 1 and a firm conceptualization of the disease profile.

About the book

Among the vast body of literature that has grown around Rett syndrome, this volume is the first to be aimed at both clinicians and researchers. It presents a comprehensive overview of the disorder and examines the areas where gaps in knowledge are most significant. Rett Syndrome is intended to be a guide for both initial examination and in-depth study of the disorder. It is a practical text for the physician approaching the disorder for the first time and a valuable reference resource for the specialist or researcher.