The Hemiplegia Handbook (ebook)


Childhood hemiplegia affects up to one child in 1000. It is a condition affecting one side of the body caused by damage to the brain before, during or soon after birth (congenital hemiplegia) or later in childhood (acquired hemiplegia).

Until now there has been no book giving an overview of childhood hemiplegia for the people who are most affected by it – the children and young people themselves, and their parents, families, friends and teachers, as well as the professionals working with them on the management of their condition.

This highly accessible guide provides this overview, giving the background to how and why hemiplegia happens in children, outlining the different approaches to therapy, and setting out guidance on how to support the child or young adult with hemiplegia. It is practically orientated, answering many of the questions posed by families, carers and members of the interdisciplinary team involved with the children. It is invaluable both for parents and for medical and allied professionals.

  • Highly readable, practically orientated collaboration between a parent and a paediatrician
  • Accessible, straightforward explanations of nervous system development, what can go wrong, and the management options
  • Helpful overview of the practicalities of supporting the child or young adult with hemiplegia
  • Clearly outlines the different approaches to therapy
  • Valuable both for parents and carers and for the multidisciplinary team working with the child


Parents and carers; community health multidisciplinary teams; paediatricians (especially general and community); education professionals and social service interdisciplinary teams.

A Practical Guide from Mac Keith Press