Cognition and Behaviour in Childhood Epilepsy – Chapter 15: Cognitive and Behavioural Outcomes after Epilepsy Surgery in Children (ebook)


ChapterĀ 15 – Cognitive and Behavioural Outcomes after Epilepsy Surgery in Children

This chapter provides an overview of what is known about neuropsychological assessment and cognitive outcome and its predictors after hemidisconnective or resective epilepsy surgery in children. Because presurgical cognitive functioning significantly correlates with postsurgical cognitive outcome, we included a section about cognitive (dys)function and its determinants in children with epilepsy, prior to surgical treatment. We summarize the current knowledge about different domains of cognitive outcome after surgery. As children with complex epilepsy and ongoing seizures have high rates of associated behaviour disorders, particularly those with focal epilepsy that are candidates for epilepsy surgery, a section on behaviour is also included.

About the book

For many parents, cognitive and behavioral comorbidities, such as ADHD, autism and intellectual disability, are the real burden of childhood epilepsy. This title offers concrete guidance and treatment strategies for childhood epilepsy in general, and for the comorbidities associated with each epilepsy syndrome and their pathophysiology. The book is written by experts in the field with an important clinical experience, while chapters by clinical neuropsychologists provide a strong theoretical background.

Readership: Epileptologists, Paediatric Neurologists, Paediatricians and Neuropsychologists.